Colegio Americano de San Carlos, “CASC”, was founded 29 years ago, upholding a family vision of what quality education was supposed to be; a bilingual school that would differentiate its students from others by their ability to speak two languages. 

On February 2013 Grupo K12 del Noroeste, “GK12”, in its expansion effort, acquired CASC and started within its learning community a new adventure; a transformational journey –if you may say- which would take our school towards the search for higher educational standards and goals. Goals that would go beyond the close minded and short-sighted vision of speaking various languages, to moving forward and new learning methods, thus adopting international academic standards and an understanding of what truly matters in vocational education.

With the growing need to focus not only on bilingualism, GK12 put into motion a transformational plan on August 2013, navigating through a challenging process of change and reform of an anachronistic organizational culture, mission statement, and core values. In August 2014, just one and a half years of GK12s presence in CASC, with all our learning community committed to the new administration we began implementing a new educational model that would achieve 3 main objectives to prepare the community in the titanic effort of becoming one of the best, If not the best school in Sonora.

  • Remodel, and expand our facilities, investing in hardware, software and state of the art educational equipment. Years 2014, 2015 & 2016.
  • Revitalizing and embedding the new values and mission statement in the mentality of our community, not only in the collective memory, but with true actions and results. Years 2015, 2016 & 2017.
  • Starting an accreditation process that would certify our quality, so that it was not only said by us, but actually accredited by a third party, such as the PYP of the International Baccalaureate Organization IB of Geneva Switzerland. Year 2017, 2018 & 2019.

This economic, academic and personal effort of our schools community would transform our learning and teaching methodology for the greater good of our students and therefore of our community as planned and promised.

Today CASC is an IB World School, led by a board of trustees conformed by successful business and academic women and men, who with much gratitude are contributing  to our society through education, the fruit of their success; not just with a “bilingual program” but with a true state of the art, holistic multidisciplinary view for what students learning and achievements must be for their future endeavors.

Today we pride ourselves in having students that differ from others in the state because they have become accountable for their learning process. They are distinguished by their conscience, attitude, charisma, willpower and humanism. In addition they are students with an international open-minded view, with no prejudice toward others, who have become empathetic and solidary people.