As an IB World School we, as part of a 5,800-plus schools around the world, 159 in all Mexico, go through a strict accreditation process with high standards that apply in the same way to any school around the world that would want to belong to the IB Community.

Its objective is to prepare students with high and acute critical thinking skills that will help them defy conjectures, with an international mentality and concern towards their peers, fellow humans and nature.

Being the first school in the State of Sonora to implement and achieve the category of an IB World School speaks of our commitment to high quality affordable cost education.

The PYP framework of CASC interacts with the emotional, physical, social, cognitive and aesthetic domains of each child, which in turn will induce your kids to be fun, self-confident, knowledgeable critical thinkers that will respect and understand others because of their international open-minded nature. They will be accountable for their own learning process. Our students exceed expectations throughout the school year by becoming charismatic outstanding communicators with a high emotional intelligence and an acute assessment sense towards risks with the courage to take them if needed without hesitation.

Our PYP program is based on an international curriculum that intertwines with that of the Mexican national one, delivering the learning outcomes needed for children through a transdisciplinary instructional model, that not only allows students to acquire information, but transform it into new knowledge.

The PYP offers an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning, using six transdisciplinary themed frameworks.  Teachers design units for inquiry to understand local, national and global issues. Each theme involves inquiries that are significant, relevant, engaging and challenging for students focusing on positive attitudes towards people and the environment. The PYP framework sets high academic standards that build academic knowledge and skills for the students to develop as global citizens.

In elementary school we divide our day in two periods of instruction delivering half a day in Spanish and half a day in English. Our English language arts program uses the Arizona Common Core US standard. 

Learning Center 

Another program designed to teach basic English structures for new students enrolled in elementary school is offered to qualifying primary students at an additional cost. Children in this program have English instruction throughout the day, both in the regular classroom setting and through one-on-one instruction or in small groups with the tenured teacher in the Language Learning Center (LLC).