In our high school, students prepare for success in their future field of study   We take a hands-on student-centered approach for these 15 to 18-year old’s.  We teach the Mexican national curriculum through innovative educational strategies. We demand and produce academic excellence.

In our high school Students continue to perfect their multi-language skills in English, Spanish and French. Core language abilities not only focus on grammar and vocabulary, but students also learn to express themselves in a variety of settings.  Students study Literature, Geography and other humanities through English language media.  We strive to create the confidence and skills required to succeed in academic pursuits, as well as real life, using their language of choice.  

Our International Studies program provides students with the opportunity to take their knowledge to that next level. They engage in various competitions and challenges in numerous parts of the world.  Colegio Americano de San Carlos has demonstrated, over many years,  our student’s talents, and ability to achieve top results. Students compete in events such as AzMUN, Xpress Challenge Toronto, Destination Imagination, and NHSMUN, among others.  These programs create confidence and awaken a thirst for academic greatness on a world stage. 

In our high school, students have various electives.  These are designed to develop leadership, personal skills, and self-expression through enjoyable activities. Our Arts program encompasses theoretical knowledge and creative expression.  They create personal pieces for art exhibits. They use interactive displays for school events, environmental focussed projects, as well as campus design.  In our physical education program students expand their knowledge of health, sports and well-being.  We offer a swimming program where students obtain knowledge in basic Scuba diving and first aid.  Students participate in beach clean up and other activities such as biking and hiking. These that take advantage of the beautiful natural setting that surrounds our school.  Colegio Americano de San Carlos has competitive sports teams with a strong presence in local and state tournaments. 

Social service and community outreach is important to us. Students participate in entrepreneurial projects that raise money and donations for a local nursing home that they visit throughout the year.  Students also work with orphanages in Guaymas, provide support for The Street Store, as well as contribute to other local charities.  

Students continue their study of experimental Sciences in classes such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Ecology which places a heavy emphasis on applying theory to laboratory and everyday practices.  The challenging course content provides students with a well-rounded knowledge of these subjects, investigative skills required, and develops analytical thought.  Furthermore, students study Investigative Methodology, Ethics, Geography, Spanish and other social sciences where they develop core knowledge and problem-solving strategies that they apply to global issues and complex problems in the field of study.   Our students participate in annual academic competitions where they have finished in top spots in the past.

At Colegio Americano de San Carlos, we offer educational guidance classes. Here students develop organizational skills, analyze their learning styles, and explore academic interests .  These skills guide them in their selection of a study major for  their grade 12 year.  There are four areas that students can choose from including: Humanities, Biochemistry, Economy and Administration, as well as Math and Physics.  Students take their core subjects with their peers. They divide into smaller groups to explore the subjects within their elected major.  Our teachers are specialists and work as mentors.  Students develop theoretical knowledge that they apply to projects and professional applications within their selected area.  Students participate in workshops and competitions given by working professionals in the community and major universities from all over Mexico. Colegio Americano de San Carlos has numerous academic agreements with top Mexican universities.  We prepare our students throughout the year by walking hand in hand with them through admission processes, exam preparation and scholarship applications.  Colegio Americano de San Carlos students have access to top scholarships from these universities due to our academic agreements and excellent reputation.