Athletics is an integral part of our school program, for CASC the physical, social and emotional development of our students plays one of the most important part of our core academic program.

At CASC, our carefully planned and established sports development program is part of the success in the holistic development of our students, from early childhood to upper school. 

We have a scalable curriculum that is designed for students to start their Athletic development as beginners and march through all the way to be part of a competitive school representative team.

Sports Offered

  • Soccer
  • Baskeball
  • Handball
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Ping Pong

Representative team is our highest level of play and commitment. Students should start the season in good physical condition, have high fundamental skills, as well as know strategies and rules. Playing time at this level is earned in practices and not guaranteed to all players. Team commitment is 5-6 days per week in addition to evening and overnight trips. Occasionally representative teams are created based on demand and to bridge the gap between several age categories.