Colegio Americano de San Carlos, “CASC”, is a diverse and multicultural, inclusive learning community, that offers a rigorous, robust, international accredited curriculum that empowers students and make them become accountable for their own learning processes. Driven by humanism, understanding between cultures, empathy, effort and purpose our school community engages learning by braking prejudice and paradigms, revering innovation, knowledge, inquiry and fun as the key factors for a high quality, rigorous education process that seeks student’s success in their future studies and a conscience for today’s nature and human balanced interaction.


Colegio Americano de San Carlos, “CASC”, is part of a privately owned education group that bets on K to 12 education as the way to growth and development of future society.  We believe that education is the main tool to break injustice and inequality, and that our students will become catalysts of change towards the greater good.

Students will differ from the rest because of their ethics, moral compass, charisma, empathy and leadership. They will construct new knowledge and apply it skillfully to problem solving and societal challenges, thus reflecting in the community the high standard which drives families to enroll their children in CASC. We seek to foster in them character, courage and values that will help them thrive into their future education.

With no doubt, all CASC graduates will follow their journey into any higher educational institution they wish to attend. 



We have passionate integrity and willingness.

We stick to our principles and moral compass in the face of adversity.


We are virtuous and of positive moral character.

We offer ourselves to the community with a straightforward conduct.


We are fair and act in accordance to the rules.

We strive for equality, and conduct ourselves in a calm and centered manner.


We thrive through adversities with support and teamwork

We help our society with actions and not words. 


Our views and actions are as one.

We not only believe in our school philosophy, but we act towards its achievement.