In middle school we focus on academic excellence that intertwines an international mentality with the Mexican national curriculum.   It is geared towards students from 12 to 15 years of age. This curriculum is designed to foster problem solving skills for abstract thinking in academics and for practical thinking in everyday life. Our student-centered approach employs a variety of learning strategies. These include the use of technology, gamification, and flipped classroom. Our learning platforms allow our teachers to act as mentors. They teach in challenging, dynamic, and innovative settings.

During middle school, students develop multi-language skills in English, Spanish and French.  Using a variety of contexts, they focus on core knowledge, project design, and application.  Students can evaluate and apply their knowledge to real life settings. They study French, English, Geography, History, Sciences and Social Studies through English mediums. Our International Studies program combines academic rigor with innovative curriculum design so that students learn to express themselves verbally and in writing. They also apply their abilities to authentic and relevant learning situations.  Each year select groups of students prepare for a variety of International Competitions.  Colegio Americano has had a solid presence for several years with outstanding performances and top results on the world scale.  Public speaking and performance play a strong role for all students when they participate in school-based events where they share their class projects, talents, and creativity with their parents and peers.  In addition, all students take the Oxford Certificate Test upon completing middle school. They prepare for the Oxford Test over three years in our language and International Studies program. Students commonly obtain a B2 or C1 level. Investigative and analytical thinking skills are a fundamental part of our program.  Students develop these in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. They acquire a deep understanding of concepts and put theory into practice by applying it to complex and diverse problems both in our school laboratory and in the community at large.  Each year students participate in Science week. This consists of project design, gamification, guest speakers and community involvement.

In our Spanish program students develop the ability to analyze and interpret a variety of texts. In addition, they  learn  to express themselves in a wide range of contexts. They use acquired language skills, creativity, and performance.  Art, Spanish and Civics classes work together to create modified plays, scripts, and biographies that they perform at our Museum Night event.

We aim to produce well educated productive citizens. Responsibility, organizational skills, values, as well as social and emotional well-being are essential at Colegio Americano de San Carlos. Students develop the knowledge, life skills and attributes that allow them to make healthy choices and become positive role models.  They develop a personalized life plan. This enables them to thrive individually, as well as contribute positively to their surroundings.  Students explore values, decision-making, and self-awareness in Tutoring and Civics classes that focus on responsible actions and social service.   In addition, Physical Education classes are important. They combine sports knowledge, physical skills, and personal health.  Furthermore, Colegio Americano has an outstanding presence in community competitions and athletics.  We have a long history of producing winning teams in soccer, basketball, handball, chess and track and field for local and state competitions. We believe in the importance of this kind of well rounded and rigorous education and put that into practice.