• Guitar and Drums.
  • Singing
  • Piano
  • Violin 
  • ESL
  • French

Team Levels and Commitment

We have sports teams that range in level from beginners to highly competitive select teams that represent our school in large competitions.

We distinguish ourselves in official eliminatory events, FEPNS events, sports cups, as well as events at the municipal, state and national level.

We have an on-going commitment to being the best each day as is stated in our slogan, “Sic Parvis Magna”

Preschool Sports

At the preschool age we look to integrate our little ones in sporting activities that focus on fun y love of sports through multifunctional activities.

Elementary School Sports

The objective of our elementary sports program to acquire a love of sports, while developing physical and technical activities that are challenging and fun. We ensure that all playing levels and abilities can be successful in a variety of age-specific activities.

Middle School Sports 

In middle school we strive to develop sports abilities through an integral, physical and technical approach. Students train to compete in events that promote clean and fair play. 

High School Sports

The goal at this level is to develop our students so that they attain a higher level in competitive sports.  This is done through a systematic approach that combines individual training and teamwork allowing our students to excel in our competitions.

Sport League Affiliations 

All of our school teams are affiliated with FEPNS, where we participate in sports and cultural activities.

In addition we participate in various leagues and sporting events in the following disciplines:




Table Tennis 


Dance and Cheerleading



Our participation extends to summer cups, Christmas events as well as national and international sports trips

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a recreational activity where many areas are explored.  Students are educated at camp by a variety of stimuli focusing on physical challenges, sports, recreation, cultural experiences and values.  The camps offer the possibility to experiment through adventures of physical and psychological challenges that promote cooperation and the opportunity to develop a wide range of abilities and skills that transfer to daily life.


We host the CASC Cup over several days each year as a celebration of our sports disciplines with our school and the community at large. We aim to be excellent hosts for our visitors who come from near and far.  We pride ourselves in creating this large-scale event that encompasses sports, community, and our values.