The School, aware of the responsibilities it has to cooperate from the academic field to the development of the communities where it operates, strives to provide through scholarships, support to students of all educational levels available and the necessary skills for their academic life, but do not have enough economic resources to fully cover the payments.

This program is designed in favor of those students in Preschool, Primary, Secondary and High school levels with high academic performance, and / or high sports performance, and excellent discipline.


It is part of the set of actions carried out by the School in order to:


  • Contribute to the creation of a student institutional culture that is based on values ​​such as solidarity, responsibility and academic excellence.
  • Promote higher levels of demand, both from the beneficiaries and the program, in the areas of academics and sports excellence and the improvement of the quality of student life.
  • Seek to promote greater levels of equality and justice in the local community.
  • Promote and guarantee access to education for students who, due to their socioeconomic status require the scholarship, and encourage their permanence in the Institution.
  • To make the beneficiary aware of his or her rights and duties, in particular, their obligation to make the most of the benefits of the program, as well as the need to make rational use of institutional resources.
  • Promote participation in the different fields of institutional life.
  • Contribute to the scholar´s academic life.