The Philosophical Foundation is the axiological framework that will inspire the actions of the community of Colegio Americano de San Carlos, it is integrated into the humanistic approach, which promotes and contributes to the integral formation of mankind.

Based on the humanistic approach assumed as an institution, the following axiological ideas are adopted:

Idea of ​​Mankind: Man is the being, with the capacity and human potential necessary to accomplish great missions. Throughout life it will be required to cultivate the spirit, the mind and the body for a socially useful and sustainable life in the search for the common welfare of humanity as a citizen of the world.

Idea of ​​Society: The maximum aspiration of man will be to share the most precious treasure of humanity “Culture”, as well as the set of material goods that are generated by its development, at the service of the community.

Idea of ​​Education: Education is the process and result whose function is to coach man for life, in all its complexity.